New Gadget on Our Horizon
2013 Introduction to new electronics

June 11, 2012

New Gadgets on the Horizon

2013 Electronics Introduction



Asus B1M Projector makes your PowerPoint more impressive.  The wireless projector is a must-have.  The gadget collects files from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and turns them into 51 inch images, with a 1280x800 resolution.

Kobo Aura HD, the latest e-reader comes with backlight built it, with crisp, 1080x1440 resolution, storing 4GB capacity.

Numark Mixtrack Edge is a portable controller for DJs.  Speakers can be directly connected to this gadget via USB or MIDI; compatible with pc and Mac.

Samsung Galaxy Mega S4, five inch screen.  It has 720p, dualcore 1.7GHz chip and 1.5GB of RAM.  Of course, the “tablone” has a mega-pixel camera and Bluetooth 4.0.

TomTom Go, the redesigned user interface offers search options, live map, clearer traffic information quicker than ever before.  You can also send traffic information to your own device via Bluetooth.

Yes; they are here and more coming soon.  But what do I do with the electronics in the spare bedroom?, you ask.

The solution for that is to find an electronic recycler to make sure the e-waste is recycled responsibly.  That means, no items going to the landfill.  No items going overseas. Sensitive data is wiped and/or shredded. 

In Tampa, there are a few good electronic recyclers that adhere to ethical practices.  Some electronic recyclers charge to recycle. Some recyclers charge to pick up items.

Uran E Recycling inc is an electronic recycling company that will pick your items up at local business for no charge.  In fact, there is never a charge to pick up or reycle the electronics that they handle.

Urban E Recycling.   813-501-9346



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